Urban Innovation Group (“UIG”) is a progressive Los Angeles-based minority-owned and operated real estate and business development company.  Our company is built on the belief that, smart growth, increased density and sustainable development principles can create viable and vibrant alternative
economic development choices for urban communities.

With the population of urban communities expected to significantly increase in the next few years, Urban Innovation Group is committed to helping transform urban communities to be integrated, vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods. We partner with urban professionals and industry and government leaders to develop projects designed to make urban neighborhoods better places to live, work and play.

Our company is built on the concept that sustainable development, smart growth and smart density create viable and vibrant mixed-income neighborhoods as a compelling alternative to displacement. Mixed-income, integrated communities, with amenities and necessities offer individuals and families a wide spectrum of experiences.  A vibrant community is a powerful mixture of housing choices, retail, open space and the arts.